Our D365 Business Central implementation process involves talking to your business as a whole, and discussing your typical day-to-day processes in simple terms. Along with preparing a detailed FRD document to capture all of these processes, we develop a model of your business within Dynamics 365 Business Central itself – your real data in a real Business Central environment – so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

Plus, we have unparalleled expertise and knowledge of Dynamics 365 Business Central, so if you want a stress-free Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation with the best training and support you can get then we’re the partner for you.

How we design and deliver Projects

Before taking up any new implementation or significant upgrade, we ask every customer to work through their daily processes with us.

During this process:

  • You get to know us better and we get to know you better.
  • We work with key users within your business to understand what they need to do each day – and how the system can support them in being more effective.
  • We guide this discussion towards the standard/best practice processes available with Dynamics 365 Business Central and identify the outliers and the exceptions.
  • We explore different ways in which the project could be phased to suit your resourcing, timing and business priorities.
  • We more accurately assess how long it will take to deliver the full project, identifying what is critical to the success of the project.
  • The time invested in the initial review will depend on the breadth of scope, but the more you do, the clearer the project deliverables become. The output of this is the foundation upon which the next phase of the project is built.

How is our methodology different

Many of the things we do during the process go-through, would feature in any traditional project. So how is the process different?

It delivers fast, targeted projects. We use real software to build a prototype that includes your data and use this as the focus of discussion along with extensive and expensive functional requirement and scoping along with gap-fit analysis and AS-IS-TO-BE document. It significantly reduces project risk by providing users with a working model of what the end result will be.

Our innovative methodology –

  • Is born out of our experience of implementing many business systems over many years.
  • Reflects our passion for delivering great software and providing excellent service.
  • Leverages the strengths of Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central – it’s designed to be quickly configured to meet different customers’ needs.
  • Supports our commitment to being honest, pragmatic and fair. It helps set very clear expectations.
  • Is one of the things that distinguishes us from other companies who deliver ERP projects.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology is to execute the project in a step by step approach that follows:

  • Implementation

Here, we go through your business processes and complete the build from what was prototyped and visualised. We also start building test scripts to suit and run a series of workshops along the way, known as ‘Business Simulation’. We also start helping you build test scripts that will be used to validate the solution and to demonstrate the systems in Playback sessions.

  • Business Simulation

We use these sessions – where we demonstrate what has been built – to confirm fit, provide visibility of progress and build confidence/excitement. This sets up ‘User Acceptance Training and Testing’.

  • User Acceptance Training and Testing

Training and testing occur throughout the process as we deliver each sprint and then in one final end to end test phase. You’ll be using the system in the same way that you will when it’s live. But, before we get live, we run a series of ‘Pre-Live Playbacks’.

  • Cutover

These are designed to help us all assess readiness. The sessions are based on your live data and driven by your users – not our consultants. If the system isn’t capable of supporting all the Day in the Life processes, then it is not ready to go live. If your team is not able to demonstrate all the Day in the Life processes, then they are not ready to go live.

  • Go Live

If at this point you are happy that all your processes can be worked through without a hitch – then we Go-Live. You go live and we hang around for a while to provide support to your users as they embark on a new life with Business Central.

  • Post Go Live Support

We’ll be on hand for a while to support your staff. Then we’ll be back – to do reviews after six weeks and three months post go live – to identify any issues that have emerged. In the meantime, we will have done a comprehensive handover to our fabulous Support Team.

Our Governance Approach

Project governance is the management framework that ensures the smooth execution of projects meeting quality, timeline and budget constraints. The Program Management Office (PMO) is a central organization that implements governance. The following schematic depicts the high level of purpose and the top three responsibilities of the PMO.

Our working definition of the purpose to project governance is to ensure that:

(a) whatever should be happening is happening;
(b) whatever should not be happening is not happening; and,
(c) whatever should be happening and is happening, is happening fast enough.


The Project Management Office (PMO) is in-charge of project governance and must convert the declared purpose into reality. The above schematic illustrates the PMO’s top responsibilities as being the definition of policies, regulations, methods and procedures, as well as organizing people. The figure beside explains at a high level what Policies and Regulations the PMO must define.