The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly known as CRM) software has proven itself as a market leading solution with the ability to dramatically increase customer retention, new accounts and employee motivation across the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, non-profit, professional services, retail and public sector industries. Customers can also benefit by using in-built mobile client, real time data visualization and multi-level, & multi-period financial forecasting functions.

This solution is best suited for organizations who wants to go all out digital, since it uses intelligent automation to streamline the entire sales process. Sales performance can increase tremendously with contextual AI-driven insights, and the application can integrate with other applications such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outlook, D365 for Field Service, Marketing, Project Service Automation & Customer Service.

Core Capabilities

1. Advanced lead & opportunity scoring models
2. Scanning of business cards
3. Unified sales, marketing & service data

1. Customer feedback survey mechanism
2. Advanced features such as service bots
3. Cross-company collaboration using Microsoft Teams
4. Intelligent routing of cases to agents

1. AI-enabled resource scheduling
2. Workflow management
3. Interactive scheduling maps
4. Offline & online modes
5. Mobile app for empowering consultants in the field

1. Extensible, collaborative & intuitive tools for project tracking, resource allocation, & forecast analysis
2. Integration with Microsoft Project for preparing comprehensive project plans to ensure on-time project delivery

1. Automation of multi-channel marketing campaigns
2. Event management features such as registration portal and venue logistics functions
3. Pre-built workflows for improving collaboration between sales & marketing


An organized sales force management system leads to better visibility for senior management & decision makers. With the system in place, sales staff can focus on their core competency increasing sales & identifying cross-sell and up-sell products.

An organized sales force management system leads to better visibility for senior management & decision makers. With the system in place, sales staff can focus on their core organized database of customers and related activities which is accessible anytime, anyplace. You can search for key information, update, and analyze it and utilize it for customer re-connect and digital campaigns competency increasing sales & identifying cross-sell and up-sell products.

The applications can be integrated with Microsoft Social Listening which gives salespeople access to social media conversations and discussions, enabling them to connect better with Customers who are social media friendly. Analysis can also be done on trends, sentiments, traffic patterns and the Customer’s overall satisfaction with the company.

The applications can be accessed from any device and from any location. That makes things a lot easier if some employee wants to work from home, from the field, on a tour or in similar situations.

Make the best use of innovative add-ons from Microsoft, such as the AI insight tools for Sales, Customer & Customer Service. Additionally, Mixed Reality tools that are integrated with the HoloLens headset enable organizations to create training, collaboration & visualization solutions based on augmented & virtual reality.

Information about Customers and timely tracking of their activities makes it easy to figure out Customer specific needs and then focus on activities that are required to be done on fulfilling them.

Industry Solutions

  • With the cloud platform, data can be unified across business applications and can be accessed from any device
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for monitoring machines and automating preventive maintenance servicing
  • Ability to define Service Level Agreements for better Customer expectation management
  • Financial management activities such as budgeting & billing
  • Metrics monitoring & tracking
  • Export project plan into proposals
  • Smart Factory: Ability to integrate with Dynamics 365 Product Insights for deriving insights from connected physical products for improving performance & service
  • Customer service using omni-channel capabilities such as phone, chat & social media platforms
  • Complete view of your Customers and opportunities
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for getting a 360-degree view of Customer data
  • Manage marketing campaigns for boosting online sales
  • Mobile inventory management with setup of automatic rules for replenishment