Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP based web-framework for building high-end web applications. It facilitates developers by saving huge time and helps reduce thinking and planning to develop the entire website from scratch. Along with that, the security of the application is also taken care of by Laravel. So all its features can increase the speed of web development for you. Laravel allows a developer to take advantage of a large library of pre-programmed functionality (such as authentication, routing, and HTML templating). Access to this library makes it simpler to build robust web applications quickly while minimizing the amount of coding necessary.

Laravel offers a highly functional development environment, as well as intuitive and expressive command-line interfaces. In addition, Laravel uses object-relational mapping (ORM) for simpler data access and manipulation.

Laravel applications are highly scalable and have easy-to-maintain codebases. Developers can also seamlessly add functionality to their applications, thanks to Laravel’s modular packaging system and robust dependency management. Laravel is primarily a backend development framework, though it does offer some frontend functionality. PHP frameworks use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel includes features that help prevent SQL injection and other attacks. Laravel provides a large set of robust tools that helps make the web app development process easier and faster, and the final application codebases are well-structured and easily maintained. Laravel Has a Massive Ecosystem and Community and is most Widely Used.

Some essential features provided by Laravel are:

  • Routing controllers.
  • Configuration management.
  • Testability.
  • Authentication and authorization of users.
  • Modularity.
  • ORM (Object Relational Mapper) features.
  • Provides a template engine.
  • Building schemas.
  • E-mailing facilities.