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Free System Health Check

Free System Health Check2020-09-22T21:12:26+05:30

System Health Checkup Form

Are you worried that your Dynamics NAV / current ERP / Application isn’t performing as it should? Maybe your team are struggling with complicated processes, entering the same data again and again or implementing unnecessary work-arounds?

Luckily, that’s where our free System Health Check can help!

  • One of our consultants will live a day in the life of your business, following every process – step-by-step – to understand your set up
  • We will then get to the root of any issues in your system – the ones you know about and the ones you don’t!
  • Finally, we will provide you with a straight-forward, comprehensive plan of action to remedy your current problems


When can I expect a response?2020-09-22T19:06:02+05:30

Your query will be responded within 1-2 Days and after discussion and finalization of the schedule, we would do a complete System Health Checkup.

How long does it takes to complete the System Health Check?2020-09-22T19:10:07+05:30

Generally it depends on your current setups and modules in use, along with other factors. As per our past experience, it takes 2 – 6 Hours time to complete the System Health Check.

Do I get a report on our current system health check?2020-09-22T19:17:12+05:30

Yes, we will provide you a report on your current system health.

Can I expect recommendations on how we can improve the System Health?2020-09-22T19:30:07+05:30

Yes, along with the report, we would share our recommendations as well on how you can improve the system performance and what value can be added to it.

System Health will be done remotely or someone will visit our office?2020-09-22T19:35:42+05:30

In general, the activity is carried out been physically present at your office. But in case of any unavoidable circumstances, we can do it remotely as well.

What are the activities done by your consultants on our system?2020-09-22T19:43:47+05:30

We generally don’t access your system directly. Instead, we request for the presence of a Key user to show us the system. Also we would interview your key users on the challenges they face on day to day basis. We try to find out the pain areas and recommend solutions for that along with suggestions on how you can improve the system and get most value out of it.

Is it really free or there are some hidden charges?2020-09-22T19:48:35+05:30

As we have mentioned, its absolutely free and we do not charge anything for the report or recommendations we submit. There are no hidden charges. Its absolutely not necessary to engage us to implement our recommendations or even implement the same.